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Choosing a Responsible Loving Pet Sitter

May 15, 2012   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  717 Comments

1. Interview a number of possible sitters and companies.
If you are like me, you might hate the whole process of interviewing a possible anything. It’s so worth it in the end.  Soon enough through the process a certain company and pet sitter will start to shine.  That’s when you know it’s right!

2. Ask what training the pet sitter has received.
All sorts of pet lovers are good at taking care of pets, of course. Yet you probably want a pet sitter who has had more actual training than you have had. This may include a Veterinary Technician who is licensed to give shots, help with exams and assist in surgery would be quite a catch. In lieu of that, you’ll really want to make sure the sitter can spot health problems and react accordingly. Maybe, they even have a certificate in pet safety.

3. Ask about previous experience.
What did the sitter like and dislike about these experiences?

4. Ask what services the pet sitting company provides.
Depends on what you want. Do you want your pet to be groomed while you are gone? Do you think it’s important that he spend at lease an hour a day catching frisbees. Do you want a diary of your pet’s ever-changing moods? A pet sitter can do all these things. But you need to find out if your pet sitter will do them.

5. Speaking of contracts, does your pet sitter provide one?
A contract that lists services and fees is good for your peace of mind.

6. Can your pet sitting company provide references?
You really want a pet sitting company who can prove that their sitters have satisfied customers before they got to you.

7. Does your pet even like your pet sitter?
All the training in the world would not forestall a bad match here. You don’t want to set your pet up on a blind date.

8. Is your pet sitter’s company licensed, bonded and insured?
This would cover many dire contingencies.

9. How many other pets is your pet-sitter currently sitting for?
A full dance card, so to speak, means less special attention for your pet.

10. Is your pet sitter asking you as many questions as you are asking them?
If the pet sitter doesn’t seem especially curious about your pets, that’s a red flag!