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Dog Walking
Private Or With A Group

Every dog needs exercise and stimulation during the day. Our dog walking services are designed to keep them happy and healthy.  We offer private or group leashed walks around the neighborhood.

The length of the dog walk is up to you.  We offer a 30 minute, 45 minute or hour walk for your dog.

We’ve never met a dog that isn’t waiting at the door wagging it’s tail with a smile on it’s face when our dog walkers come to pick them up!  They love their walks, dog park adventures or hikes. Dogs crave the social interaction and exercise. They also love their time outside. It’s boring for a dog to sit around the house all day!

Our affordable dog walking services are not the same for every dog. We like to know everything about your dog so we can provide leash walks or dog park outings according to their needs.  What makes us so successful with dogs is that we understand them and are sensitive to their special needs.  No two dogs can be exactly alike.  They each come with their own unique personality!  We don’t ignore the fact that your dog may want to stop and smell the roses!

Dog walking is critical for the health and well being of your pet. Many clients who use our services will testify, it makes a difference!  For instance, dogs will tend to be much calmer in the house and less destructive when they get plenty of exercise. Not only will you have a happier dog, your dog will be mentally and physically healthier which can lead to savings in veterinary and obedience training costs.

Dog walking is offered morning, midday or evening.  Call us today to find a dog walker near you!!

Add $5 each additional pet per household

Weekend Dog Walking, Individual Service or Holiday Visits

Working weekends or away for the holidays?  We offer walks from 7-9 am, midday and 5-7pm. Our dog walkers look forward to providing a safe, fun, stimulating time outside with your dogs. Dog walking and dog park play will wear your dogs out in a positive way and give them a true sense of well being.

30 Minutes Evening,Early Morning, MiddayWalk


60 Minutes Evening,Early Morning, Midday Walk


Add $5 for each additional pet per household

We will follow your pet care routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering, exercising and administering any medication your pet might require. And most importantly, we will play with and love your pet!

If you don’t have a regular schedule that’s okay! We don’t have a minimum service requirement. No matter what you need we can create a plan that works for you and your pets. Any of our services may be mixed and matched.

Wag More!    Bark Less!