A Sweet Treat or Garden Clutter?

Jul 25, 2011   //   by admin   //   Pet care  //  246 Comments

It’s Mesquite bean season and who knew those obnoxious pods that end up cluttering our yards can be a healthy and sweet treat that our pets may love!

Seems unusual but it’s nothing new, the American Indians used the mesquites nutritious pods as an important food resource rich in sugar and protein and the plant was even said to have medicinal and ritual uses as well.  It only makes sense that our furry friends would love them too, right?  After all, Dogs were created to eat things in the wild and they are just another natural food.

The mesquite beans are a good source of fiber for your pet and also make a sweet tasting treat. Of course that does not mean they should be your pets primary diet, but it’s sure good to know that you don’t need to worry when they chew one up on your afternoon walk or eat a few while they are out romping in the yard, right?    Some pets eat the whole pod, others only chew the pods and some will pick them apart just to get the beans inside.  Azmira dog food made in Tucson even uses the mesquite beans as part of their dog food formula!

If you are not familiar with the Mesquite tree, the Mesquite beans grow on desert trees and hang in clusters that turn from green to white when they are ripe.  Inside those pods are very sweet-coated beans.  Humans and Dogs alike can chew on the pods to extract flavor or just eat the beans inside the pod.

While most of our pets will pick them up on their own, if you decide to scoop up some for your own enjoyment or to save for future pet treats, here are a few tips: Pick the pods right off the tree when ripe or, if you are taking ones that have already fallen to the ground, make sure you choose those that are clear of contaminates such as pet urine or pesticides.  Rinse off the dust and remove any green stems that may be before serving to your pets.  To save them for later, make sure they are nice and dry and store them in Baggies for future snack attacks!

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