Dog Day Care Los Angeles

los angeles dog day care group of dogs

Manymutts Dog Walking and Pet Sitting offers dog daycare and it’s awesome!  Clients love bringing their pets to our dog sitters homes knowing they get to socialize, exercise and play with other dogs during the day.  This doggie daycare with Manymutts gives your dogs so much love and attention from our fabulous pet sitters. It’s home away from home!

Or choose three hours of play time at the dog parks as a new alternative to doggie daycare in the home.   Manymutts is offering your dogs a chance to get out and run with the pack!  Dogs are social creatures and this time gives them fun in the sun, exercise, play and learning with other dogs and time to run!  You can choose the morning or afternoons for your daycare times.

Approximate Los Angeles Dog Day Care times as follows.

  • 9am-4pm- $50
  • 9am-12pm- $60 at the park
  • 1pm-4pm- $60 at the park
  • $10 extra for early or late pick up
  • $15 each additional dog per household


Special Doggie Daycare Packages

There are options when it comes to paying for the Doggy Daycare. You can either pay on a day by day at the regular rate or save money by purchasing one of our discount packages.

3 Days a Week Discount Pkg

$45 - 2 hour dog park

4 Days a Week Discount Pkg

$40 - 2 hour dog park

5 Days a Week Discount Pkg

$35 - 2 hour dog park


Evening Care

Great for a night on the town or those hotel clients not wanting their pets left alone in the room. Our sitters come to your home/hotel and provide walks, playtime, cuddles and care for your pets.

Evening Care

$25 per hour

6-10pm (2 Hour Minimum)

$15 Each additional dog per household/hotel

Additional Hours

$15 per hour


Wag More!  Bark Less!